Texas High School Basketball – Kyle Lehman Lady Lobos v Austin Bowie Lady Bulldogs

Game photos from the matchup between the Kyle Lehman Lady Lobos and Austin Bowie Lady Bulldogs. Bowie won the game handily thanks to the lead that they built up in the first half of the game. The Lady Lobos came to life during the second half of the game but they were not able to overcome the points deficit that they allowed the Lady Bulldogs to build up.

Final scores and more details will be in the Hays Free Press.

20151117-HFP-BB-LLobos-v-Bowie-7031 20151117-HFP-BB-LLobos-v-Bowie-7048 20151117-HFP-BB-LLobos-v-Bowie-7072 20151117-HFP-BB-LLobos-v-Bowie-7083 20151117-HFP-BB-LLobos-v-Bowie-7115 20151117-HFP-BB-LLobos-v-Bowie-6882 20151117-HFP-BB-LLobos-v-Bowie-6905 20151117-HFP-BB-LLobos-v-Bowie-6936 20151117-HFP-BB-LLobos-v-Bowie-6984 20151117-HFP-BB-LLobos-v-Bowie-6993